Wildlife Management

Example of eagle predation of lambScientific advice and technical expertise are provided to Scottish Government (Agriculture and Rural Economy Directorate, and Environment and Forestry Directorate) where conflict arises between mammalian and avian wildlife, agriculture, fisheries and game.  Advice relates to policy matters, changes in UK or EU legislation, licensing advice to SNH regarding the killing and taking of protected species and general advice regarding any aspect of vertebrate management procedures.

Wildlife Management staff:-

  • support Scottish Government Animal Health and Welfare Division and RPID with regard to the control of wildlife vectors and reservoirs in the event of an outbreak of rabies, foot and mouth disease, African swine fever, classical swine fever, Newcastle disease and swine vesicular disease.  View contingency plans
  • conduct research and development work.  View a list of research publications;
  • provide information and expertise to a wide range of stakeholders inside and outside government.  As such, we get involved in the production of guidance and leaflets (see listing below), and we regularly update equipment lists (see listing below) that can be used in the management (exclusion, scaring and capture) of mammals and birds;
  • undertake WIIS field investigations involving the suspected illegal use of fumigation products, and provide advice to statutory authorities, such as the Police, on the legalities of traps and snares, and on aspects of mammal and bird behaviour.

Creating artificial cover in pheasant release pens to help prevent avian predationGuidance on the use of DOC predator traps and construction of tunnels to be used with these traps is also listed below.

Representational duties of Wildlife Management staff include:-

  • Goose Science Advisory Group (GSAG)
  • Technical Assessment Group (Chair)
  • Non-Native Species Action Group
  • Statutory Group on Non-Native Species
  • Gull Task Force (Chair)
  • PAW Scotland plenary group
  • Moray Firth Catchment Sawbill Duck Management Group
  • Government Oversight Group on the implementation of the Anticoagulant Rodenticide Stewardship Scheme
  • Advisor to CRRU (Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use)

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Contact: wildlifeunit@sasa.gov.scot 

Wildlife Management Research on Goodnature Traps