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Reporting and Follow-up Action

How SASA reports on incidents and what follow-up action might be taken

Field information and residue data are assessed, and where possible incidents of poisoning attributed to one of the following categories of use:

Approved use




Veterinary use

Unspecified use

View more information about these categories on the WIIS Quarterly Reports page.

At the conclusion of each investigation, an individual incident report is issued to the person who initiated the incident and to partner organisations which participated in the investigation.

WIIS database

A database of incident information (1980 onwards) is maintained, and can be interrogated to provide information required by the Scottish Government and to service requests from other parties.

Requests for information should be directed to Mike Taylor or Elizabeth Sharp.

Regulatory Action

Details of incidents where pesticides poisoning has been shown to be the cause are forwarded to the UK regulatory body, Chemicals Regulation Directorate (CRD). The data are included in annual reports on the poisoning of animals by pesticides, published by the Environmental Panel of the Advisory Committee on Pesticides. In addition CRD selectively request information from the WIIS database (1972 onwards) to support the ongoing approvals review process.

Enforcement Action

Where sufficient evidence of the misuse of a pesticide formulation is accrued, then reports by SASA and by Scottish Government Agriculture and Rural Delivery Division Staff may be made to the Procurator Fiscal Service with a view to prosecution. Depending on the circumstances, the Scottish Government may place a legal order on an individual requiring them to take appropriate remedial action to prevent further danger to animals.

Incidents involving the suspected deliberate abuse of pesticides are actively pursued, usually on a multi-agency basis by Scottish Government Agriculture, Food and Rural Communities Directorate Staff, the Police and other partner organisations, with a view to eventual prosecution.

Information on pesticide legislation can be found on the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) website through the link in the Related Links box on the right of the screen.

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