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Potato Aphid

The Potato aphid Macrosiphum euphorbiae is often the most numerous of the five or six species of aphids that regularly colonize potato crops in Scotland. It is also a potential aphid vector of non-persistent potato viruses (e.g. PVY, PVA).

As with Peach-Potato aphids Myzus persicae, predictions made following the 2014-2015 winter indicate that Potato aphid flights should be close to that of an average year.  Therefore, the number of aphids expected is likely to be relatively normal and the risk of virus transmission to potato crops should be average. However, environmental conditions over the early summer will influence population development, and monitoring of these webpages on a regular basis is recommended.


 M. euphorbiae Elgin Dundee Edinburgh
First catch 2015 20 June 22 June 4 June
First catch prediction 2015 N/A 31 May 20 May
Mean date of first catch 14 June 1 June 24 May
Catch to 28 June 2014 3 1 4
Predicted catch to 31 July 2014 N/A N/A N/A
Mean catch to 31 July 18 76 58


Potato aphids in 2015

Eight potato aphids have been caught so far in 2015 - this total to 28 June ranks 26 out of the last 32 years.


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