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Staff Directory

Find information on key SASA staff and their work through the links below. You can sort by first name, surname, email address or telephone number. Alternatively use the keywords search box or select a section from the drop-down box and click Apply.

Please note that this is not a comprehensive list of SASA staff.

View the organisation chart for an overview of the structure.

First name Surnamesort descending Job Title
Laura Bowden Seed Physiologist
Jane Chard Head of Plant Biosecurity and Inspections
Valerie Cockerell Head of Official Seed Testing Station for Scotland
Triona Davey Acting Head of Potato Branch
Kim Davie Potato Nematologist
John Ellicott SPCS Technical Manager
Gill Hartley Senior Wildlife Biologist
Fiona Highet Entomology Manager
Jacqueline Hughes Head of Pesticide Survey Unit/Pesticides Adviser
David Kenyon Head of Diagnostics, Wildlife & Molecular Biology
John Kerr Head of Seeds, Varieties & Pesticides; Senior Management Team
Christophe Lacomme Senior Virologist
Marian McEwan Seed Pathologist
Gillian McLaren Seed Testing/Quality Manager
Laura Melton Senior Analyst
Vincent Mulholland Molecular Biology Unit Manager
Kevin O'Donnell Head of SASA
Mike Parker Head of Seed Certification
Jon Pickup Head of Virology & Zoology
Gillian Reay Pesticide Usage Survey Manager
Alex Reid Head of Genotyping
Kirsty Reid Senior Analyst
Susan Ross Quality Manager
Gerry Saddler Head of Potato and Plant Health; Senior Management Team
Alexandra Schlenzig Senior Plant Pathologist
Support Services -
Elizabeth Sharp Senior Analyst
Jennifer Sjölund Project Leader
Mike Taylor Head of Pesticides
Lucy Webster Senior Molecular Biologist - Wildlife DNA Forensics

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