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Contacts - Potato Branch

Potato Branch address: Potato Branch, SASA, Roddinglaw Road, Edinburgh, EH12 9FJ

Head of Potato Branch

Dr T (Triona) Davey 
Tel: +44(0)131 244 6344
Email: Triona.Davey@sasa.gsi.gov.uk 

Potato Pathology

Pathology Manager: Dr R (Ros) McHugh
Tel: +44(0)131 244 8921
Email: Ros.McHugh@sasa.gsi.gov.uk 

Potato Exports

Potato Export Liaison Officer: Mrs J (Jacqueline) Gibson
Tel: +44(0)131 244 6346
Email: Jacqueline.Gibson@sasa.gsi.gov.uk 

New Export Market Development

New Export Market Development: Dr T (Triona) Davey
Tel: +44(0)131 244 6344
Email: triona.davey@sasa.gsi.gov.uk

Nuclear Stock

Nuclear Stock Manager: Miss S (Sandra) Goodfellow
Tel: +44(0)131 244 8852
Email: Sandra.Goodfellow@sasa.gsi.gov.uk

Seed Potato Classification Scheme (SPCS)
Address: Seed Potato Classification Scheme Section, SASA, Roddinglaw Road, Edinburgh, EH12 9FJ 
Fax: +44(0)131 244 8920  |  Email: spcs@sasa.gsi.gov.uk  

Seed Potato Classification Scheme Technical Manager: Mr J (John) Ellicott
Tel: +44(0)131 244 8963
Email: John.Ellicott@sasa.gsi.gov.uk

Growing Crop Certification Manager: Ms M (Maureen) McCreath
Tel: +44(0)131 244 8818
Email: Maureen.McCreath@sasa.gsi.gov.uk

For all enquiries regarding Growing Crop Inspections, PCN and Marketing please contact the Scheme Officers below

Scheme Officer: Mrs W (Wilma) Sloan
Tel: +44(0)131 244 6349
Email: Wilma.Sloan@sasa.gsi.gov.uk

Scheme Officer: Mr S (Stephen) Fotheringham
Tel: +44(0)131 244 6348
Email: Stephen.Fotheringham@sasa.gsi.gov.uk

Scheme Administrator: Mr R (Ryan) Chapman
Tel: +44(0)131 244 6350
Email: Ryan.Chapman@sasa.gsi.gov.uk

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