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7th ISTA Seed Health Symposium

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7th ISTA Seed Health Symposium imageThe Organising Committee is proud to invite you to the 7th ISTA Seed Health Committee Seed Health Symposium on 12‐14 June 2014 in Edinburgh. The symposium provides a unique opportunity to bring together scientists, technicians, managers and policy makers from research institutes, government, the seed trade, and international organisations who are involved with the health status of seed.

The programme will be of a high technical and scientific quality discussing the latest scientific research on seed‐borne pathogens; progress in seed health testing; and both phytosanitary and practical issues confronting the industry worldwide.

We hope Edinburgh will provide an ideal environment for scientific exchange and hospitality. We will do all we can to ensure your visit is a pleasant one.


Valerie Cockerell
Chair of the Organising Committee


Papers & Posters

Offers of papers are now being requested for the following list of topics. 

  • Seed health and climate change
  • Emerging seed-transmitted diseases
  • Novel approaches to the evaluation of seed health
  • Test method standardisation and laboratory evaluation
  • Seed treatments for conventional and organic seed production
  • Seed health and the international movement of seed
  • Seed-borne diseases transmission and epidemiology

Deadline for submission of your paper (abstract) is 15 February 2014

Submission of Papers (for Oral & Poster presentations)

Offers of papers to be submitted in the form of an abstract in English of 400 words (maximum).  As the number of oral presentations is limited by time constraints, oral presentation of your paper may not be possible and you may be asked to present your paper as a poster.  Papers presented orally and in poster form have equal status.  The selection of papers for oral presentation will be by the Scientific Programme Committee. 

For further information and how to submit your abstract, please go to Presentation & Poster Information.

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