Cereal Identification

The Seed Certification Branch provides services for identifying dry or growing material. This may be done by electrophoresis, aleurone test, grain or whole plant identification. We also provide independent crop inspections out-with the certification system on request.

For further information on varietal identification contact Bob Sunter or Gillian Liddle at seeds@sasa.gov.scot.

For further information on independent crop inspections contact Margaret Hislop at seeds@sasa.gov.scot.

The Cereal Cultivar Collection held at SASA was originally created in the late 1960s for UK distinctness, uniformity and stability (DUS) tests. The collection contains over 5000 cultivars (predominantly wheat, barley and oats). It contains both registered and commercially obsolete cultivars and landraces/traditional varieties - see our Scottish Landraces pages for more information. Small quantities of seed of ex-National Listed varieties and landrace varieties may be supplied on request. Please contact Genetic.Resources@sasa.gov.scot