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Plant Health

SASA provides the following scientific support on plant health to the Scottish Government in support of Scottish and EC plant health legislation.

If you wish to find out more information or contact us about a plant health issue, please email Plant Health at SASA.

Further information on plant health can be found on the Scottish Government's Plant Health webpages or the Gov.uk website.


SASA provides scientific and policy advice to the Scottish Government on:

  • the implementation of plant health legislation;
  • contingency planning for eradication or containment of plant pests or pathogens;
  • risk assessments for plant pests and pathogens moving in or on traded plant material; and
  • all aspects of the technical and scientific services provided (below).

SASA scientists also represent the Scottish Government and UK Plant Health Service nationally and internationally on committees, as editors and in consultancy work.


Potato quarantine

SASA runs the Potato Quarantine Unit on behalf of the UK Plant Health Authorities.

Pests and pathogen diagnosis and surveillance -

  • Plant pathology - Viral, bacterial and fungal pathogens of plant health concern in Scotland are diagnosed on plants in trade. Surveillance for specific pathogens is also undertaken.
  • Pest identification - Entomological and nematological plant pests are identified in traded plant material, on plant products and on material subject to plant passporting.

Plant health licensing

SASA issues plant health licences on behalf of Scottish Ministers for work with organisms and materials that are normally prohibited under Plant Health legislation.

Plant health research

SASA undertakes research projects in support of plant health functions.

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