Dr Heather Owen

Scientific Manager (GM Team)
+44(0)131 244 6353
Seed Certification

MYBBP1a is a Novel Repressor of NF-κB

Owen, H. R., M Elser, E Cheung, M Gersbach, W L. Kraus, and M O. Hottiger. "MYBBP1a is a Novel Repressor of NF-κB." Journal of Molecular Biology 366, no. 3 (2007): 725-736.

MBD2 (methyl CpG binding domain protein 2)

Owen, H. "MBD2 (methyl CpG binding domain protein 2)." Atlas of Genetics and Cytogenetics in Oncology and Haematology 14, no. 8 (2010): 1383-1390.


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