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Barley Grain Identification Course

This is a 2-day course which, will consist of tuition in barley grain characters and practical sessions. Both the tuition and practical sessions will involve using microscopes.

The course will be based on the identification of barley varieties and detection of varietal impurities using grain characteristics.

The course also includes short talks on Electrophoresis and other chemical test used in grain identification.

There will be a test on the 2nd afternoon of the course. Candidates who pass are issued with a certificate of competence.

Certificates will normally be issued within 10 days.

The course will be limited to 12 participants in order that the full value of the practical demonstration and tuition may be obtained.

Candidates are issued with a course booklet and a description of the grain characteristics for popular barley varieties.

Candidates should bring a hand lens with x8 or x10 magnification and a pen or pencil.

The cost of the course is currently £240 + VAT

Tea/Coffee and lunch are provided.

Contact bob.sunter@sasa.gsi.gov.uk

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