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SASA in the media

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Below are links to articles concerning SASA mainly in the online media



New potatoes - literally
Isle of Wight County Press online
21 July 2016

Risks from phytophthora in the UK
SCRR Research
Spring 2016, p.5

Scientists fight to save Scottish bees from deadly disease
The Scotsman
17 June 2016

'American Foulbrood' bee disease detected in South Aberdeenshire
17 June 2016

Outbreak of bee disease in St Cyrus
Mearns Leader
17 June 2016

Bee disease hits South Aberdeenshire
Scottish Farmer
15 June 2016

Deadly bee disease detected in Aberdeenshire
FG Insight
15 June 2016

Thousands of bees destroyed after contagious disease found near St Cyrus
The Courier
14 June 2016

Honey bee apiary disease discovered in St Cyrus area
BBC News
14 June 2016

Bee hives destroyed after disease found in Scots colonies
STV News
14 June 2016

Bee disease detected in North-east
Aberdeen Evening Express
14 June 2016

Health warning for honeybees
14 June 2016

American Foulbrood detected in South Aberdeenshire
14 June 2016

New ‘Focus on Potato’ Webcast Helps Potato Growers Minimize the Spread of Blackleg
26 May 2016

Consumers want seafood traceability, according to survey commissioned by MSC
1 May 2016

Experts seek to fine-tune blackleg management
Scottish Farmer
28 April 2016

Royal Highland Education Trust announces Highland Show plans
Scottish Farmer
25 April 2016

Doncaster trio jailed for badger baiting
Doncaster Free Press
15 April 2016

Three men jailed for badger baiting in Derbyshire
Derby Telegraph
6 April 2016

New Report Hopes to Inspire Confidence in Fish Sales
The Fish Site
31 March 2016

Fish buyers still mistrustful, says MSC
29 March 2016

Does your Easter seafood look a bit fishy?
What's New in Food Technology & Manufacturing
23 March 2016

DNA testing reveals nothing fishy about MSC ecolabeled products
Food Quality News.com
23 March 2016

Testy DNA pomagają ustalić źródła pochodzenia ryb
ISB Handel
22 March 2016

Potato varieties limit pallida PCN
Farmers Guardian
18 March 2016, p. 21 

Impact of neonicotinoid ban “less severe” in Scotland
Farmers Guardian
18 March 2016, p. 21

More Than Half Of Seafood Consumers Doubt On-Pack Information
European Supermarket Magazine
18 March 2016

New Research Reveals Levels of Consumer Trust in Seafood Labelling
Blue & Green Tomorrow
18 March 2016

DNA tests show 99% of MSC labelled seafood 'exactly what it says on pack'
18 March 2016

Consumer Trust in Seafood Labelling Growing
The Fish Site
18 March 2016

MSC: New Research Reveals Levels Of Consumer Trust In Seafood Labeling
17 March 2016

Nearly all MSC products are correctly labelled
World Fishing & Aquaculture
16 March 2016

Survey reveals levels of consumer trust in seafood labelling
New Food
16 March 2016

ADN tests confirm 99pc of MSC seafood labeling data
Fish Information & Services
16 March 2016

16,000 Seafood Consumers Doubt What They See On The Packet
News Ghana
16 March 2016

New DNA results answer consumers' demand for trust in seafood
15 March 2016

New DNA results answer consumers' demand for trust in seafood
15 March 2016

No evidence to support "variety effect" on blackleg
Farmers Guardian
19 February 2016, p. 18

Taking action to limit PVY incidence
Farmers Guardian
19 February 2016, p. 18

Inconsistent lab results hindering potato pest control
Farmers Weekly
8 February 2016

Pesticides toxic to bees still being used in Scotland
Herald Scotland
7 February 2016

UK labs show inconsistencies in potato cyst nematode testing
Farmers Weekly
5 January 2016, p. 50

Scotland's seed potato business lags behind
Scottish Farmer
31 January 2016

Next Generation group studies Scottish seed industry
FG Insight
22 January 2016

AHDB Fellowship to safeguard critical potato nematology expertise in the United Kingdom
21 January 2016

Nematode management strategy to be reviewed
Farmers Guardian
15 January 2016, p. 18

Next Generation group studies Scots seed industry
Farmers Guardian
15 January 2016, p. 20

Award will bolster potato nematode expertise and help meet EU requirements
Horticulture Week
12 January 2016

UK: AHDB project on potato nematology
Fresh Plaza
12 January 2106

AHDB fellowship to safeguard critical potato nematology expertise
11 January 2016

Industry insight for the next generation of potato growers
Scottish Farmer
7 January 2016


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