Phytophthora infestans population changes: implications

Lees, A. K., D. E. L. Cooke, J. A. Stewart, L. Sullivan, N. A. Williams, and S. F. Carnegie. "Phytophthora infestans population changes: implications." In Proceedings of the Eleventh EuroBlight Workshop, Hamar, Norway, 28-31 October 2008. PPO-Special Report no.13, July 2009, edited by H. T. A. M. Schepers, 55-60., 2009.

Dickeya Post Harvest Survey 2010-11

Recent research from the 2010-2011 Scottish Potato Tuber Survey

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An update on Potato Wart disease

Schlenzig, A. "An update on Potato Wart disease." In Proceedings Crop Protection in Northern Britain 2008, 211-215. Dundee, 2008.


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