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Plant pests

FAO/IPGRI technical guidelines for the safe movement of potato germplasm

Jeffries, C. J., C. A. J. Putter, and M. Diekmann. "FAO/IPGRI technical guidelines for the safe movement of potato germplasm." In Abstracts of the 14th Triennial Conference of the European Association of Potato Research, 576-577. Sorrento, 1999.

New pest risks for potato

Chard, J., C. J. Jeffries, and J. Pickup. "New pest risks for potato." In Proceedings Crop Protection in Northern Britain 2010, 165-170. Dundee, 2010.

Pest and pathogen diagnosis and surveillance

Pest and pathogen diagnosis is an essential part of the plant health support for the Scottish Government and is the basis of much of the plant health advice given.

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