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SASA Management Board - Minutes of meetings

Minutes of monthly meetings from 2004 onwards. Available on request.

Scottish Agricultural Science Agency Audit committee - Minutes of meetings

From 2004 to 2008. Available on request except for any information, disclosure of which would substantially prejudice the public audit process.

Scottish Agricultural Science Agency Partnership Board - Minutes of meetings

From 2004 to 2008. Available on request.

Principle forum for industrial relations within the Scottish Agricultural Science Agency.  

Scottish Agricultural Science Agency Supervisory Board - Minutes of meetings

From 2004 to 2008. Available on request.

Members included senior staff of SEERAD and the Scottish Agricultural Science Agency and the Agency's non-Executive Director.

Scottish Agricultural Science Agency Framework Document

This document explains the responsibilities carried by the Scottish Agricultural Science Agency, the flexibilities granted to facilitate management, and measures by which performance is judged. Available on request.


Pesticide Usage Report Feedback Survey

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Please also note that in addition to our published reports we can also help with more complicated data requirements and are able to supply data for specific active ingredients or groups of pesticides on request. We can supply data encompassing several surveys and in a format that suits your requirements. Please email requests for data to

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Crop Production in the East of Scotland

Handbook compiled for the Workshop: Crop Production under Cool Long days, held at Newbattle Abbey College in August 2000

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